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I'm a freelance writer covering technology, remote work, and personal productivity. Since 2012, I've been a columnist for writing a series called  Get Organized . Get Organized teaches people how to be more organized in their digital life, regardless of their technical skill level. In 2013, that column turned into a book called  Get Organized: How to Clean Up Your Messy Digital Life . The book is currently out of print. With the right support of a publisher, I would like to update it as a second edition and release it again. In addition to writing for, I'm also a  contributor to , part of USA Today, writing about smart home technology. I also write for other publications as a freelance writer or reporter.  A few of my favorite articles that I've written and published are: Why Six Hours Of Sleep Is As Bad As None At All , The body-clock science behind later school start times , What wartime ‘munitionettes’ can teach

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