Houseplants are Food, Too

Nearing 65 degrees today in New York, and the highs 50s yesterday, I got a touch of spring fever in the middle of February.

My remedy was to plant some seeds.

Gardening is not a skill I'm highly adept at, but I've kept the odd pot of herbs alive here and there, and I usually have one or two houseplants within a few months of moving, which I've been doing with some regularity since the mid 90s.

One of my local grocers just set up a rack of seed packets, so I took home a pouch of red kale seeds and one of basil. I also have a four small bell pepper plants, who moved out to the fire escape today to enjoy the sunshine.

These pictures were taken in December (2008), and I've since eaten the fruit. It's a wonder what a little plant can do indoors even in the dead of winter.