Coming Soon: Chef Interviews, Photos from Spain, Assessment of Nathan Myhrvold's New Book

I'm behind in blogging, but I have a number of really exciting things to talk about soon. Just give me a few more days to have the time to write about them intelligently.

Here's a shorthand list of things to expect very soon:

  • Pictures from Spain: A four-day visit to Barcelona and Valencia ended with Boyfriend saying, "I've eaten three of the top 10 meals of my life on this trip." I agree, though I disagree on what the meals were.

  • Interviews with chefs: At my paid job, I've been interviewing some of the top chefs in the world about tools used in molecular gastronomy and modern cooking.

  • Talk with Nathan Myhrvold: I had the very exciting and short notice opportunity to attend at a talk at the New York Academy of Sciences with Nathan Myhrvold about his new tome Modern Cuisine. Fascinating guy, self-funded project, revolutionary to food reference books.

More soon—as soon as I can get to it!