Croquettes at Cal Pep, Barcelona (Food Memories of 2011, No. 19)

Every day in December, I'm posting about one memory about food from this year, in part to look back on the year that's about to end with more gratitude for all the superb experiences I've had.

In March, my sister was studying in Barcelona. We promised her that if she studied abroad, we would definitely visit while she was there. Barcelona is not a hard sell.

Both Boyfriend and I had been there. before, which was great because we had already seen a lot of the major sights.

One of the places on our shirt list of places we missed the first time around was Cal Pep. It's a tiny tapas bar, but world renowned. We had to arrive at the unheard of hour 6:15 to get let in at 6:30. There was no real menu. A cook behind the bar just asked if there was anything we didn't like.

Cal Pep is known for shellfish, which was all out of this world, but it also had some mind-bending croquettes, creamy and filled with chopped spinach..