Iced Coffee at Vandaag (Food Memories of 2011, No. 24)

Every day in December, I'm writing a short post about some food memory from 2011, mostly to be more thankful for all the great food and drink I've been lucky enough to have this year.

Vandaag, a Scandinavian restaurant in New York, serves some of the best coffee in the city. Over the summer, I had brunch there, and the highball iced coffee took center stage. Other menu items confused me, as many arrived at the table looking more like side dishes than entrees. But the coffee was rich and complex, the kind that it would be a sin to adulterate with milk.

Some people believe that small coffee houses always make the best coffee in any given city, but I'll put Vandaag up there with the best of them. Vandaag's cocktails are equally mind-blowing.