Q: How are you liking Washington, D.C.?

A: Since moving to Washington, D.C. from New York in March, I have learned this: The doughnut selection is sub-par.

I've had Astro Doughnuts (shown), Golden Brown Delicious (GBD), and Zombie Donuts. Some place called Heller's promising, but it closed down in December 2014.

None of these doughnut shops are terrible, but there's no taste of experience or love in the product. Astro Doughnuts float away with lightness and punch your teeth with sugar, but you can taste that they are not made by someone who has perfected a recipe over 20 years. Zombie Donuts are novel in that you create them by choosing which icings and toppings you want. Not my cup of tea, and the dough is left with too much taste of oil. GBD is the best of the bunch, but mediocre at best.

Q: Are you ready for India?

Nope! And I don't have to be. I'm not moving to Chennai for another two months. I have time to get ready. I have time to appreciate where I am now. Ask me again in July.