Foods of South India: Fruit and Cashew Halwa

I recently moved to India and have decided to go back to my blogging roots and write about food, at least until the novelty of South Indian cuisine wears off. Enjoy!

Halwa might get me into big caloric trouble. The halwa I've found here in South India is a gelatinous (but room-temperature stable) dessert dotted with nuts or fig seeds and sliced into bars. 

I have what I would like to describe as a "wonderful appreciation" for chewy, gooey treats made with dates, pistachios, apricot leather, rose sugar water, and other calorie-dense foods. This sweet tooth of mine has gotten me into trouble in Indian markets in both London and the Murray "Curry" Hill neighborhood of New York. So when I found a sweet shop within walking distance of my apartment that sells dried fig halwa, cashew halwa, and samosas (so I can pretend like I’m eating lunch), I realized the next thing I’d have to find is a gym.