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I'm a freelance writer covering remote work, technology, and personal productivity. 


My latest book, The Everything Guide to Remote Work (Simon & Schuster), is available for pre-order as an e-book or paperback book now. It's a practical and comprehensive guide to having a happy and successful remote work lifestyle. Pre-orders should be delivered in January 2022. 

Since 2011, I've written extensively about software, focusing on workplace apps for productivity, collaboration, and communication. I also write about consumer tech for health and fitness, as well as smart home devices.

In addition to writing about technology, I also follow research related to productivity, such as studies on time management and the effects of sleep and sleep deprivation on productivity. You can read some of my work on this topic at ProductivityReport.org.

Jill Duffy
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Previously, I've written about food, video game development, and the odd movie review. From 2004-2009, I was managing editor at the now folded Game Developer magazine. I spent a lot of those years creating special issues of the magazine and a spinoff website related to the career of video game developers, sharing data on salaries in the industry and helping people find a path to working in games.

My very first ventures into publishing and editing were at The American Institute of Physics, where I read a lot of pages on chemical physics in particular, and the B2B publication Intelligent Enterprise magazine.

You can find links to some of my favorite published articles on my writing page.


I love speaking about remote work, personal productivity, and strategies for working well to private organizations, schools, and at events. 

To discuss a speaking opportunity, whether virtual or in-person, please reach out to me on my contact page. 

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