Tuesday, September 30, 2008

San Francisco Top 5 Eats

I lived in San Francisco for about five years, and Boyfriend grew up there and spent most of his life there.

When we talk about going back to visit, we ask each other, “Where will you definitely eat the next time you’re in town?”

I’ve been back to San Francisco twice since I left, so I’ve got mine down pat:

San Francisco Top 5 Eats

Arizmendi co-op bakery, Inner Sunset

Rosamunde sausage shop and Toronado Pub, on Haight Street (counts as one entry because the custom is to bring the sausages next door into the bar and eat there)

Little Star Pizza, Western Addition

Boulangerie Bakery, Cole Valley location (have a tartine and a big bowl of coffee)

India Clay Oven, Outer Richmond (terrible service, but the best saag paneer; prawns jal frazie is also highly recommended.


Leigh said...

Yes, but what are your top five Buffalo restaurants?

Just kidding. I know you were a poor college student while you lived here and didn't get to sample much of the fine cuisine Buffalo really has to offer. (Seriously, it's not just wings and beer and pierogies.)

Here are my favorites.
1. Trattoria Aroma - for its consistently good food and reliable service. Plus it's in a cute area. They have more than your standard Italian chains have to offer, but they never try to do anything too fancy; they stick with what they're good at which is pasta, pizza, and gelato.

2. Tempo - for some delicious fine cuisine.

3. Betty's - one of the best (if not the best) place to eat if you're a vegetarian.

4. Any of the many many farmers' markets for fresh local produce (especially corn in the summer and apples in the fall).

5. Wegmans (I mean, c'mon.)

Jill Duffy said...

In Buffalo, I loved Amy's for the Lebanese lunches and the pancakes!

Leigh said...

Yum, Amy's is good too, but I never go there since it is in undergraduate hell.
I took Candice there once though and she fell head over heels for their chicken sandwich. It had french fries IN the pita!

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