Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Recipes

I'm curious what recipes people make around the winter holidays. In my family, we have a few traditional foods at Thanksgiving, but not too many around Christmas and New Year's.

As children, we used to have this great but wacky concoction of pistachio pudding suspended inside a cup of red Jello -- a festively colored green and red dessert. It was a very 1950s straight-from-the-box recipe. From time to time, we still have it. It has sentimental value.

Drop a comment below, or email me your recipe if you want to share it. I'll try to post some throughout the month of December.

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Darius Kazemi said...

I always make Cincinnati chili around the holidays -- mostly because it's cold and I want hearty food, not for any holiday reasons. I like this recipe. (And if you haven't ever had this, I highly recommend it. It uses chocolate, and almost comes out like a mole sauce.)

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