'Making Sandwiches' Internet

This week, I've had what I like to call "making sandwiches" internet problems. In fact, it's happening right now.

It's like this. I start to use the internet, or try to, and between opening two or three tabs and waiting for pages to load (using Safari, which doesn't always have great results), something stalls. Sometimes there's major lag between typing and having the text appear on screen. Sometimes Gmail has a slow script, which causes everything else to stall. Sometimes, even though I clearly have a strong wifi signal, there's a disconnect between my router and computer, or computer and browser.

Anyway, I call it making sandwiches because it can take so long to correct or reboot that I ought to just go into the kitchen and make a sandwich while I wait. It takes that long. (Occasionally, I'll embellish the whole ordeal by humming and croaking to emulate that old dial-up internet sound: "Eeerrrrh-eeeerh cruh beep cruh...")