This is a Milkshake: Let's Call a Spade a Spade

When I think about how uneducated people in the U.S. are about food and nutrition, it makes me angry. And I don't blame The People entirely (though I do think individuals should be held accountable for at least some modicum of their own ignorance).

No. Who I really blame are the companies that push "product" on the people and pretend that it's food. More and more I'm recognizing this difference between product and food, so let's play a little game. Can you identify the "foods" shown below?

What is this?

(Thanks to Tsutsui Igor for the photo.)
If you said coffee, you're wrong!

Did you say Frappuccino? Nope, that's a brand-name product.

This is a milkshake.

Next question:
What is this?

(Thanks to terfe for the photo.)
It's not breakfast!

It's not a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

It's cake!

Next round! This one is hard.
What is this?

(Thanks nycwatchdog for the photo.)

Despite the company's name, it's not juice.

It's certainly not breakfast or lunch.

It's not a "meal replacement."

It's not a "protein" or "power" anything.

It's not a smoothie either.

It's a milkshake, a sherbet milkshake!

Okay, last one:
What's this?

(Thanks, TheFrugalGirls! Hey, did you know Kashi is Kellogg's?)
You know what this is? It's a candy bar.

I know my sisters are going to comment with other ideas of products masquerading as food. I anxiously await those comments!