Saturday, August 8, 2009

Post-Cookie Pâté Cookies

Post-Cookie Pâté Fight Night, I had two kinds of left over dough, plus three-quarters of a pan of under-baked brownies. I cobbled together these cookies, baked them for a few minutes, and brought them to a party. I'm calling them Crazy Cobbled Cookies.

They are oatmeal chocolate chip, chocolate chip, and brownie, plus a little drip or two of Godiva liqueur (before baking, not after).



Denise said...

Wasn't it that kind of experiment that brought us the chocolate chip cookie? Yes, I believe it was a chocolate butter cookie recipe... the chef did not have bakers chocolate and substituted a chopped up chocolate bar - the chocolate did not completely melt and VOILLA the toll house cookie was born!!! This is history in the making Jill!

Leigh said...

Those look awesome. Please make them next time I am visiting.

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