Food and Tech Blog

I had been thinking for a long time about refining this blog. It's unfocused, although sometimes I like that it is. I don't feel restricted to write only about cooking, or only post recipes, or only review restaurants. I'm all over the map. I have a lot to say about too many things.

So instead of refining this blog, I've launched a new one.

The new blog, Food and Tech, looks specifically at what's happening in the technology realm of the food world. There I am reporting news and writing commentary about restaurant and home cooking equipment, apps for foodies and chefs, and other places where technology is moving into the food world.

I'm Eating This (the address; the one you're on now) will stick around, too. This space will still be reserved for more personal expressions about food, eating, drinking, cooking, dining, and thoughts on food. 

I'm really excited to finally find a way to contribute something of value (I hope) based on the two seemingly disparate fields that I have been deeply involved in for years. Please let me know what you think, either in the comments here or in the comments on the Food and Tech blog. This summer, I'll be devoting a lot of time and attention to finessing the blog, so feedback is very much appreciated.

Happy eating, cooking, and tooling around in the kitchen!