Two Big Food News Stories: Sifty Done, Google Buys Zagats

Two huge news stories broke in the past few days, one local to New York, but with actual reach nationally, and one national, with potential international effects.

First, Sam Sifton, the restaurant critic for The New York Times, was offered a new job as an editor at the news organization... and has accepted. As much as I'm glad to see a talented journalist advance in his career, I will sorely miss Sifton's prose. He writes with a style and insight that speak to me and on occasion have given me chills. And those articles are restaurant reviews! He captures in his reviews the spirit of New York and New Yorkers. I'll miss those glimmers if self-reflection terribly.

Second, Google bought Zagats, the "people's choice" of restaurant recommendations that pre-dates Yelp by years. The acquisition is said to help position Google against Yelp, though I see it as also strengthening (through an integration that I predict will happen) Google's attempt at competing with Groupon.