Updating 'I've Eaten Recently At' and 'I'm Eating Next At' Lists

I just finished updating one of the sidebars on the right edge of this blog. The lists show restaurants where I plan to eat next (the one I just updated) and where I've eaten recently.

The "I'm Eating Next At" list now better reflects places I actually will go in the next three to six months. Prior, it named a number of restaurants that were on my long-term list for New York City, meaning a lot of expensive restaurants. It would take me several years to get to half of them. So the list is now more focused on my local neighborhood and affordability.

Image: Chairman Bao from Bao Haus: pork in steamed bun with chopped peanuts. 
Photo by saebaryo via Flickr (CC license).

The "I've Eaten Recently At" list is updated at least once a week, unless I haven't eaten anywhere new. I started it in May 2008. A few comments about what makes that list:

First, it's chronological.

Second, I only add places where I've eaten for the first time. For example, I had dinner at The Fatty Crab in August, but you won't find it on the list under the August 2011 entries because I also eat there several years ago.

Third, it doesn't necessarily mean I enjoyed the meal. Email me if you have questions about a restaurant that appears on the list.

Fourth, it only includes restaurants where I've eaten food. If I only had a drink, I usually don't list the restaurant, although there are a few exceptions. If I go to a coffee shop or bar, I won't list it. But I do include bars and pubs that serve food, when I actually eat there.

Fifth, and last, what appears in the sidebar is only the most recent 25 restaurants. You can see the complete list that began in May 2008 here.