Food of the Gods

Lobster for dinner.

How do you follow lobster for dinner with conversation? It's so delicious and takes so much energy and focus to eat that talking isn't really a priority.

So at the close of the meal, I asked Boyfriend, "What are your top five most delicious foods of all time?"

It can't be a "composed" food, like bacon cheeseburger, but it can be processed within reason.

Everything on the list must be something that, if you found out some adult had never eaten it, you'd be a little bit horrified and make it a mission to get the person to eat it.

The other assumption is the person has no dietary restrictions or palette sensitivities. Their palette will taste everything as you taste it.

Here are Boyfriend's (he struggled to pare his list to five):
1. bacon
2. sea urchin
3. beer
4. eggs
5. lobster
with his alternates for lobster being chocolate and coffee.

1. chocolate
2. coffee
3. beer
4. raw salmon
5. dried figs

What are yours?