Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Label Makers for Kitchen Organization

In my day job, I test products and write reviews of them. I focus almost exclusively on software, although I occasionally try out fitness gadgets. Instead of working in a traditional office, the space where I work is a technology lab, kitted out with dozens of computers, tablets, mobile phones, cameras, printers, television sets, routers, and literally thousands of other electronic devices scattered around the lab.

I never realized until a few days ago that one of my colleagues has a bunch of label makers. I didn't know how a modern label maker looks nowadays. So I asked to borrow one and try it out. He gave me this Epson LW-300.

What did I make? I created labels for all my spices and dry baking ingredients. My plan is to transfer some of the loose ingredients that are currently stashed in zip-top bags to small canning jars (about $15 for a dozen), which I can buy for about one-tenth the price as those fancy Oxo Good Grips pop containers (set of 10 for $99!). Canning jars are what we use at The Brooklyn Kitchen's cooking class kitchens, where I'm a volunteer teaching assistant.

In my kitchen, I have a huge new pantry, after a total kitchen remodel that is 90 percent finished now, that I haven't even filled yet, so it's kind of a blank slate. I'll post photos from the remodel as soon as Boyfriend and I put the finishing touches on it.

Remembering what's in the pantry (or what will go in the pantry as soon as I move my spices into it) off the top of my head may not have been the most fool-proof way to go about this task, but it's what I could manage on a whim. And now that I know we have label makers in the lab, I can always make the few labels I'm sure I forgot about another day.


Home Construction Framing San Jose said...

Great label maker!!!

Lou Scaruffi said...

I'd love to hear other suggestions for inexpensive spice containers besides the small canning jars.

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