Panther Coffee (Miami)

One of the most painful things about traveling for me is finding good coffee. Sometimes I travel with my own little stove-top pot and bag of coffee grounds, and other times if I'm staying with friends of family, I rely on whatever's in their pantry. But even still, I usually want to stop somewhere for a thick and rich cappuccino, prepared with care, poured into a cup that almost seems too small, served at a beautiful bar.

Good news: It's not as hard to find these high-end coffee shops anymore. Last year, after some research, I found Bold Bean Coffee of Jacksonville, Fl., while traveling there for work. The latest stroke of luck came in Miami, when Boyfriend and I jetted off the beaten path to explore the warehouse wholesale neighborhood of Wynnwood, which has begun revitalizing into an enclave for artists (it's known for its graffiti murals). There, we found the ΓΌber hip Panther Coffee.

It's the kind of place that's spacious and full of outdoor seating. One or two trees in the front patio area create shade. Half the clientele have laptops out or are making phone calls (we overheard things like, "Did they fix the servers yet?" and "I'm working on two flyers for the DJs..."). But the coffee is solid, and the neighborhood worth exploring.