10 Things the Voice of Self-Doubt Says

  1. "They'd like you more if you talked less."
  2. "No one's interested."
  3. "You blew it."
  4. "Don't you have anything valuable to contribute?"
  5. "You're coming off too strong."
  6. "Stop dominating the conversation."
  7. "It's the 'look-at-me' show!"
  8. "Can't you ask better questions?"
  9. "All you do is talk about yourself."
  10. "Everything you've just said/written is completely wrong, and no one cares anyhow."

—Voice of Self-Doubt

"When you're an artist, you're in this struggle, because you want to put yourself out there. You're doing this thing that's very self-centered and narcissistic. Right? 'Look at me! I'm good!'  Because you're an artist, you're also full of self-doubt, self-loathing, worrying, neurosis--all that stuff. So you're torn! You want to put your stuff out there because of the exuberance of being creative, and then you feel bad about yourself." 
—Matt Groening

"There's this part of you that's like 'Shame! Shame! Shame on you for getting up there and being the center of attention, you big showoff! Who the... Who the... Who's he think he is?'" 
—Wayne White