Monday, July 20, 2015

Foods of South India: Medu Vada

Vadas, or medu vadas, I like a lot. They look and taste like deep fried doughnuts, but they're savory. Like idlis, vadas make for a fairly nutritional breakfast, if you can see past the fact that they're deep-fried. The dough is made with ground up lentils flavored with curry leaves and chilies, and you dip bites of vada into a lentil soup called sambar. All those lentils add up to some decent protein. 

If you’re me, however, you dip hunks of vada in chutney, because I just can't get enough chutney. 

I've read that a "vada" can be any kind of savory fried snack or fritter, so I'm not sure if the doughnut variety is specific to Chennai or if I simply haven’t encountered other vadas yet.

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Raj said...

Try going to Hotel Woodlands in Nungambakkam or Hotel Annalakshmi (pure vegetarian restaurants) for other types of Vadas, Masala Vada oe Aama Vada are mroe crunchy, They are delicious. Medu vada also comes in dipped versions sambhar vada or Rasa Vadai. Listening to twit,tv now from San Francisco.. I was chennai for few weeks last month.

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