Personal Writing

Personal Writing

If you're looking for more personal insights about me, I write an email newsletter roughly once every two weeks that explores my personal life as an American expat and the challenges of being a U.S. Foreign Service family member. You can sign up to receive my newsletter (and note, it requires email verification), or you browse the archives of emails I've sent in the past.

Productivity Research

For several years, I've spent some of my free time reading research on the science that validates or invalidates commonly held beliefs about personal productivity, such as whether it's genuinely a bad idea to multitask (it's not) or how the look of an office affects workers' ability to do their jobs efficiently. I publish summaries of studies and some analysis of the findings on

For Fun and Older Writing

From time to time, I create oddball projects and post about them online, my favorite to date being The 100 Grams Project, in which I took pictures of exactly 100 grams of various foods.

Additionally, you can find some of my writing from as far back as 2007 on the archives of this blog.