Review: Michael and Angelo’s, Astoria

I've recently started reviewing New York restaurants on Yelp in 100 words or fewer and will repost some of them here. Enjoy.

Michael and Angelo's, Astoria

Wonderful, classic Italian food and specialty pizzas at their absolute best.

Pizzas come in regular crust and thin (very thin). Recommend Michelangelo’s special pie, regular crust ($20.50): pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, peppers, onions. Garlic lovers should not pass up the Sofia Loren pie ($10.75 small, $19.50 large): shallow pools of fresh white mozzarella, hunks of tomato, garlic, and good olive oil.

Everything is made with homey love. Pasta and chicken entrees about $15. Fish (mostly salmon, sole, shrimp) around $20. Calzones, heroes, about $7.

Open daily, except Mondays, until 11 p.m.

Michael and Angelo's
29-11 23rd Ave., Astoria, NY 11105