Favorite Recipes of Comic Book Makers

Batter Broil Baste Master 01

Tom Carroll, a writer and video game artist whom I've worked with over the years, and I have been working on a book project, which is currently being shown to publishers. The concept: Contact amazing comic book creators and ask them what are their favorite foods, then ask for their recipes.

A few handed us off to their spouses saying, "I would shrivel up and die without my significant other to cook for me. You'll have to get the recipe from her/him." Others, such as Neil Gaiman, penned a few words about the simplicity of Irish oats, taken to an extreme when fried heavily in English butter.

Cartoonist and "visual futurist" Syd Mead sent in blueprints alongside about a dozen photos illustrating how to design and construct an elaborate gingerbread castle, which he claims stood in his foyer for weeks.

The final manuscript is being polished up this week for the publisher, and I'll write an update with any good news!